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Privacy Policy for Job Applicants

As an employer or hiring manager, you are strictly required to agree the terms and conditions on your job postings into my website to ensure trust, confidentiality, privacy, and professionalism in all our business and businesses while you are to adhere the appropriate use of information and communication in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Data Privacy Act and/or Personal Data Protection Law in processing and safeguarding the personal information of all applicants and other related individuals.

The collection of the personal data and information, as defined in the Data Privacy Act and/or Personal Data Protection Law, and all relevant information of the job applicants were collected and processed through the applicant's intention to obtain sustainable employment with your company or your related companies.


The personal data and the informations gathered were processed with the following purposes:

  1. Accurate identification of the applicants;

  2. Initial assessment and verification of the applicants; and

  3. Short-listing of candidates for employment.

For all successful applicants, the Personal Data collected shall further be used to complete the processing of employment as required by the employer and other authorized parties.


For all the unsuccessful applications, the Personal Data provided by the applicants may retain and stored up to three (3) months from the receipt of the resume or curriculum vitae as reference of job applications and it shall be discarded appropriately with no further use.

If there are terms & conditions or local or international laws were violated or abused related to the job postings, the employer and/or the hiring manager will be solely responsible.

Don't submit your job postings if you don't agree the terms and conditions stated herein.

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