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Is Gold retailership a favourable start up business for 2024?

Updated: Jan 23


Gold resellership is one of my side hustles especially this is also one my fashion commodity right now.

What is good with Gold? Frankly, Gold is a currency. It has an exchange rate like money in different times and time zones.

It fluctuates it's value over time, but generally, it increases its value and it is a good investment.

If you buy Gold at its current rate, after a year or two, it increases its worth by 5% to 15% and it covers some inflation losses and others.

In the Philippines, all fine gold jewelleries are pawnable and very useful in times of immediate need of cash.

So by the way, how about 925 Silver? Well, this is part of my list of sidehustles and it is in parallel demand with 18K gold jewellery.

What are the options of retailerships?

Mostly, I took some membership programs of networking companies and I classify them as my suppliers and my logistics.

I share some jewellery designs online in my social media accounts, and by chance, I received orders; then finally, my suppliers will arrange the delivery of the items sold. Within a week, I received my commissions.

Is Gold or Silver retailership is a good start up business for 2024? I would say, "yes, it is."

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