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4 Things To Consider When Hiring An Accountant

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Employers Should Know This.

In my experiences of looking for job opportunities and attending numerous interviews with different companies, I maybe very fortunate enough to experience remarkably memorable interviews; but somehow, there are some interviews that triggers me to leave the table without hesitation. Why?

It is because some employers misunderstood that they are supposedly hiring skills & profession; not a scapegoat or a victim or a slave.

When you are hiring for a qualified accountant, you should remember these 4 things:

1. Educational Background

2. Profession

3. Skills

4. Experience


Whatever school or universities they graduated from, these accountants had alot of sacrifices (expensive tuition fees, books, sleepless nights & untimely diet) inorder to attain sufficient knowledge and to pass any regular exams.

I did not say that they are very excellent enough after their graduation from a college or from a university, but what I insists here is that their kind of efforts alone needs a respect.


Accountants may differ by their respective cultural responses, social backgrounds, and fields of expertise, but they were generally undergone standardized trainings as per in science or in arts of accountancy. This is what a real accountant is made of - their educational trainings turned to be their valuable profession.


This is the so-called the individuality of an accountant.

Although, most of the accountants are not using the same approaches on handling different scenarios of any financial transactions; but generally, they are always following what the GAAP, IFRS & other standard-making bodies are talking about. They are not just simply following what their employers are demanding them to do.

Their ability to analyze transactions and skills to simplify complicated transactions and to deliver reliable reports, these are actually not a cheap talent from any accountant you know.

In some unfortunate events as an accountant, I am specifically talking to some employers who are generally mistreating their accountants as an office clerks or corporate secretaries doing some extra load of administrative jobs.

Exactly as what I have said, we (The Accountants) are a bit expensive.


Some accountants are in the field of education, some are in field of financial reporting, some are in the field of compliance & audit, some are in the field of standard-making, some are in the field of research & development, some are in the field of corporate or private practice & few of them are in the field public practice.

Their respective experiences differentiate each of them and their individual experiences will give them the appropriate expertise of whatever fields they were into.

The good thing with the accountants, they are very flexible and they can easily shift from one fields into another as easy as it was; though, it takes time but it's worth a while.

Finally, please don't hire any qualified accountant as if you are hiring a scapegoat or a victim or a slave.

Kindly show them a concrete respect - comfortable salary, healthy working environment, productive culture & valuable trainings for personal or career development.

May this article helps you well.

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