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5 Major Signs That You're An Enterpreneur

Updated: Apr 22

There are several signs that you can say that you are more to be an enterpreneur than a traditional employee:

First, your mindset.

If you think that money is everything, then your priority is wealth without sacrificing moral ethics of the society; then there is no way you can earn huge money except by doing serious business. Well, you clear enough that you think differently among others. Lions does not think like a chicken; the same as with you right now.

Second, your desired social impact & legacy.

If you are you motivated by leaving a lasting legacy; and that legacy needs money to established; then you will understand that employment is such a mediocre type of job. And if you have such an appetite to earn more in order to accomplish the legacy you have desired as much; then you're truly an enterpreneur.

Third, your passion & purpose.

If you are doing a job not of your line of interests, dissatified of tiring yourself of someone else dream, and your dreams is a contradiction to the purpose of your job; then it is clear enough that must be an enterpreneur than to live in a comfort zone of employment.

Fourth, your creativity & innovation.

If you are that someone who loves solving problems and very creative making new ideas, and becomes uncomfortable with stagnant state of life; then you must be an enterpreneur.

Lastly, your freedom.

If you are always late at someone's dictate; but very punctual at your own discretion, then you are a person of autonomy and who wants to control your own destiny. You are precisely an enterpreneur.

If you don't love your job and you are not comfortable that someone is dictating you, why you should waste your time. Do your thing and have a game plan to realize you big dreams.


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