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Best Countries To Start A Business

Updated: Apr 21


There are several things to consider, start from politics, international trading policies & laws, corporate tax rates, population, and country's gross domestic products, to what kind of business you excited to start and where your market is possible to be.

It is advisable to investigate first before risking your time and investment to start a business.

If you haven’t already got any idea, we have found three (3) best countries to start a business.

  1. Ireland - One of the reasons why Ireland is always in the top of the list, it is because of their low corporate income tax.

  2. Switzerland - The reason why Switzerland stands out due to their access to the European Single Market and it means you can freely trade in every member country of the European Union.

  3. United Arab Emirates - UAE is commonly knowned for diversified mix of businesses. There are more than 200 nationalities doing business in UAE and it is a good start for new enterpreneurs to start a business.

The primary factors to consider on starting a business in foreign lands are the security and safety of the businesses from any form of frauds and financial risks, the leaders of the nation are politically stable, the citizens are hospitable, and economy is strong and progressive.

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