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Businessman Vs. Entrepreneur

Updated: May 12, 2023

You maybe consider these two words identical and almost you may consider them in the same meaning; but wait, you're probably mistaken with own your understanding.

Businessmen are those people who do business with the purpose of gaining profit from an existing business model. On the contrary, an entrepreneur is somebody who initiated first a certain product or a business idea.

An entrepreneur is people-oriented and focused more on a legacy of putting up a new business and creating a new market.

Entrepreneurs are market leaders while businessmen are market players. Businessmen are calculative with their actions while entrepreneurs are intuitive.

As an accountant or bookkeeper, I found most entrepreneurs are taking a lot of risk in building a business while businessmen are waiting in line to buy businesses and compete. In most cases, it is not easy to turn an entrepreneur into a businessman.

If you are the kind of person to do some business avoiding competition and wanted to start a new idea, you're an entrepreneur. In entrepreneurship, the competition is low but the risk is high. While on the contrary, businessmen are very competitive and choose the low type of risks.

A businessman is a businessman, but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is an organizer, a risk taker, and a manager at the same time.

The businessman focuses on competition, but the entrepreneur gives emphasis on the coordination and cooperation of all available human or non-human resources.

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